Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect at Teacher Training, but given my experience in

California, I imagined it would be pretty similar…A fit woman with a yoga body that could transform into any position all the while telling me how to teach someone to replicate this position. To my elated surprise the 2 instructors I met did not fall into my preconceived expectation of a Yoga teacher. Julia was a lovely woman, close to my age and Jennifer, a strong but soft woman in her 30’s. The class was comprised of students ranging in age from 16 to 65…a wide range of ages and abilities. I was able to learn that yoga is accessible to everyone from these women…A fit lithe body was not a prerequisite…all of the benefits of yoga were available to everyone if one was willing to devote the time. I did encounter a very unexpected challenge in my training…..This having to do with tolerance, kindness, and expectations…There was a classmate, close to my age, who had recently lost her son. At first I thought that we might experience a type of bond given the fact I had recently lost my husband. It was soon apparent to me that this would not happen. It appeared that she did not have a good amount of situational awareness. She would come into class late, be disruptive, text on her phone during lectures, eat during class…It drove me crazy. I wanted to ask the instructors why do you not say anything??? This is so rude! I suffered a loss and I can contain myself, she should be able to as well. I did not say anything because truthfully I can not imagine the heartbreak that she was enduring. But I was an observer, and what I observed was the ability of these wonderful caring instructors to continually provide this woman space to safely grieve the loss of her son. I just kept my distance and tried to learn how to be a yoga teacher…Lucky for me though, Wendy and I were put into groups together toward the end of the 8 months and I was able to personally witness the depth of her grief and the struggle she was having to dig her way out and find meaning in her new life. I had unfairly judged her based on my relative inability to express my grief. (Fast forward, we are now in our 500hr training together and have become dear friends….) Anyway, this was the beginning of my understanding the concept that the most important aspect of yoga is having the ability to take it off the mat and into the relationships and world that we reside in….Until next time-Namaste…..stay tuned , Debi

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