What's in a Name?

I am often asked how I came up with the name, “Yoga Hive”. It represents quite a bit to me…Starting with the passing of my husband on Dec 30, 2015. Three months earlier he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. One of Adam’s hobbies was bee keeping. This was not something I was interested in, aside from the bounty of honey we would have at the end of the season. In the spring, I realized that I was the only one to tend the bees. I read some books and looked at you tube videos until I figured I could try. I didn’t mention that I had kind of a phobia toward bees. Sitting on a beehive at the tender young age of 5 can leave lasting impressions of pain! Losing Adam was not only tragic, but life altering to me. Everything I thought I was, was entwined with him. My future was planned with him. I was now someone else and wasn’t sure I was capable of ever experiencing the joyful life I had previously, so taken for granted.

But I couldn’t let the bees die…I donned the bee suit and gathered all the tools….I must admit, the first hive harvest resulted in quite a few bees drowning in honey ….but after that, I got the hang of being patient and still while working with the bees, as opposed to working them. The result then, and following harvests was very impressive. Mostly because I was able to accomplish something I never thought I could do, but more importantly realizing that Adam was not gone, but here in different ways.

During this time I was not having dreams about Adam…other family members were, but I was not. One night I woke up from a very strange dream. Adam was in a doctor’s office and I was in the waiting room. He came out and told me I had to get to 5 north. I assumed he was talking about a hospital wing. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. When relaying this dream to my very good friend Susan (intuitive empath) she told me I was supposed to go on a road trip up I 5 north. So my patriarch poodle, Sebastian, and I made plans to travel from the SF Bay area, through Oregon and Washington…stopping to see friends along the way. Susan also told me, “Be sure you stop in Bandon, it is the sweetest little town”. Consistently through the entire 2 weeks, whenever Sebastian and I stopped anywhere there would be a honeybee close by. I visited Bandon going north and then again going south on my way home. I knew that this was where I was called to be.

I believe the honeybee is my spirit animal. The bee represents miracles, community, brightness and personal power. Moving to Bandon and opening our Studio has provided me with all of those things and it is my hope that the Yoga Hive can provide the same to her community of Bandon.

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