Personal Accountability

We are currently in our 2nd year of living in a pandemic. As a nurse, I am continually faced with patients suffering from this virus in ways that could have been prevented had we had the tools and culture to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness as opposed to succumbing to the lifestyle that has been fed to us for the past 60 years by advertising and the media. Solely based on the ability to increase the profits of a few. Each one of us have some combination of God given senses in order to navigate this life. They are designed to keep us safe and thriving. Eyes to see the amazing beauty of this world while allowing us to visually identify potential danger. Ears to hear that allow us to communicate and detect activities in our environment. Our sense of smell to enjoy the beauty of flowers, as well as the familiarity of our surroundings. The sense of touch that allows us to feel the beauty of another person while protecting our physical body from injuring ourselves. Last but not least, the sense of taste. The benefits are as endless as the detriments based on the condition of the average human at this time in history. We have some less talked about senses...The sense of balance, both internally and externally. Proprioception, the sense of your body in relation to the environment and interoception, awareness of what is happening within your body.

It is no wonder that so many of us lack the trust in the powers that be in regard to what we put in our bodies. The same people that are demanding vaccination have stood by if not supported measures that have facilitated the massive growth of Big Pharma to the ongoing detriment of our health. It is time for each and every one of us to take responsibility and accountability for our mind and body by feeding it with what will allow us to thrive. We have the power to take our health back. The first step is acknowledging we are responsible for our own health. We make the choice of the quality of life we want to experience. I guarantee that no one will guard this precious gift like you will.

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