Journey to Yoga Hive

I would like to share my yoga journey with you. I have had the opportunity to share little snippets of enlightenment that I have been discovering along this path in my classes, so if you would like to discover more along with me, follow the Yoga Hive page and click on the Blog button.

For the past 40 years, whenever I have encountered difficult periods of my life, yoga was my go to “therapy”…Talking wasn’t necessary and it gave me an opportunity for introspection. (I will come back to this later) The first thing I did when I moved to Bandon 3 years ago, was look for yoga classes. My availability was limited because of my job and driving at night for 40 mins was not an option. I eventually located Mona, teaching out of a living room. This worked for a while but, again there was a change in my schedule and the times didn’t work. After talking with members in the community and realizing I wanted to stay in this beautiful town, I decided I had to do it! Many barriers have been overcome in order to provide Bandon with The Yoga Hive, and I am confident it is here to stay and grow with this wonderful community of yogi’s!

Opening a Yoga Studio, I found did not happen overnight, and as I said earlier my practice was sporadic at best. I looked for the closest Yoga Alliance approved Teacher training that I could find. Eugene Yoga was offering an Alignment Yoga Teacher Training, so I signed up…That was when I found out it was an 8 month process, also comprised of many, many practicum teaching hours. I tackled Nursing school at 50 and graduated at 52…Managed to work in ICU/ER for 10 years before I “retired”. So, I said to myself,” If you can do that, you can certainly do this….You are only 65! I decided it would be a much easier venture if my daughter Christina was willing to follow this path for a while. She agreed and here we are!

Stay tuned…….

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