Journey to the Hive

Prior to the Pandemic infiltrating all of our lives, I was posting a series of blogs about the path that brought me to this beautiful town and Yoga Studio. Everything, everywhere pretty much came to a halt with so many of us evaluating and re-evaluating how we would go forward..What was everything going to look like…How would we survive. No sooner did the realities of our new patterns of living sink in, we were barraged on a daily basis with images of the result of our countries longstanding relationship with racial and social injustice..The mantra “It can’t get any worse” was heard and felt everywhere.

It is our mistaken belief that by our wants or actions we can guarantee a comfortable, pain free life. Part of our journey in this life is experiencing the many facets that are not available to other life forms that inhabit this beautiful planet. Civilization has moved further and further away from “Natural Law” or the laws of nature. Each and every being on this planet is here to not only be nourished by this earth but to serve a purpose in insuring its growth and health. The first step in accomplishing this begins within ourselves. The foundation we provide for growth, both physically, mentally and emotionally is crucial to our ability to live our life without dis-ease. I was listening to a podcast recently that gave an example of this that truly resonated with me. The example was in reference to how we nurture a tree that we want to go tall and strong. We add nutrients to the soil, we make sure the tree gets plenty of sunshine and water. This allows the tree to grow many strong roots that will keep it upright and healthy, able to increase its foliage and withstand adverse weather. If we just attempted to make the tree look good by painting it or hanging ornaments on it, it would simply wither and die. We must provide a strong foundation in order for it to survive all of the adversities the weather will provide. This is true for our lives as well. We have the responsibility of working on our own foundations in order to thrive through the weather patterns of our lives. We can do this in so many ways; through the food we eat, providing our bodies with good thoughts, exercise and self- care. Living in harmony with nature, with the seasons….Devoting time and energy to this, which is within our control, can help us survive and thrive despite the unavoidable adversities we may encounter. Namaste, Debi

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